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KS1 Bitesize

KS2 Bitesize 

 Post Sorting  
  A selection of KS1 English games   A selection of KS2 English games

 Phonics Play

 What are Nouns?

A selection of interactive phonics games Learn about all types of nouns and how to use them.

Noun Explorer

The Adjective Detective

A game where you need to click on the fish with the noun to feed a worm to the fish.  This game explains what adjectives are and at the end test your knowledge of adjectives with a quiz and game.

The Quest of Comma Castle

 Verbs in Space

An adventure game with 4 levels. See if you can spot the verbs. In this game you need to click on the robot holding the verb to whack it!

 Lexis the Magician

 Antonym Splat

 Learn about compound words and apostrophes  See if you can find all the antonyms (opposites in this word game

 Contraction Match 

Awaiting content

Test your knowledge on the use of apostrophes in contractions Can you think of some fun games?